Artificial intelligence, the final frontier. These are the voyages of Ai4Value. Its continuing mission to explore strange new worlds of Machine Learning, to seek out new algorithms and practical solutions, to boldly go where no hype can take us!


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Ai4Valuen organisaatio kasvaa – Juhani Teeriniemi ja Merja Hepoaho mukaan tiimiin (21.9.2020)

Who are we?

The founders of Ai4Value, Katriina and Pasi, have a total of 30 years experience in AI.

Katriina has a profound view of the AI business through her previous work as a Gartner Vice President of Research and is also known as an evangelist for Robotic Process Automation.

Pasi is a seasoned IT Professional who has developed several AI algorithms and practical AI solutions for his clients in his former own company, Studio Mind.


Why do we exist and what do we offer?

There is a lot of hot air and hype around Artificial Intelligence now. Ai4Value wants to bust the myths of bloated AI marketing and provide concrete and mature solutions.

In practice we provide tools for our customers which can quickly and in an automated matter combine data from various sources and run analysis on merged data to provide solutions for organization’s business needs.

Examples on Ai4Value AI proven and pre-trained use cases:

  • Master data cleaning for e.g. ERP projects
  • Ontology creation
  • Supply chain optimization


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We treat our employees, partners and customers with respect.

We will do our best to deliver solutions to our clients’ needs, but will not make promises that we can’t keep.

As a global company we will not tolerate any kind of prejudice, be it based on race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or any other personal characteristics.

How do we do it?

Via hands-on experience of what AI is and how it can be applied.

By using our own tools which are based on Ai4value AI algorithms that have been developed already for 16 years and have been in commercial use since 2006.


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What Science Fiction character
would we be?

What Pasi says about Katriina:
If Katriina was a science fiction character, she would be Princess Leia from the Star Wars. Leia is the princess of the planet Alderaan, a member of the Imperial Senate and an agent of the Rebel Alliance. She is a smart, feisty and a brave diplomat, who is always fighting for the right cause and standing up for the weak.

What Katriina says about Pasi:
If Pasi was a science fiction character, he would be Spock from Star Trek. Highly logical, problem solving oriented and quick to come to a solution. Yet he has a soft side, he is a loving spouse and a person who takes immaculate care of his shelter dog Mooses. He also has a son who is also very logical and uses his wit for image recognition.

Contact details

Katriina Valli
Chief Innovator, Founder

Hanna Kahanpää


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