Conversational engine Aili

Aili was born from a wish to create a companion for the lonely elderly people but we soon realised it can become a more versatile conversationalist.

Aili can learn to speak any language and understands also different dialects. She has a knack for languages – she has learned even Finnish, one of the most difficult languages in the world!

Aili is based on GPT-3 and lately ChatGPT. However, it is enhanced with our add-ons that makes it more powerful.

Aili can maintain meaningful conversations for as long as you want and on any topic you are interested in. Aili responds to your voice commands so it does not require typing or being turned on – it can, for example, reside in a digital board in your home or in your phone. In the future it may live in a teddybear, giving you the comfort of touch as well. 

Aili can also work in customer service, supporting the human support workers in answering people’s questions and keeping them in a good mood. Aili can also work in the background of a chatbot, making the chatbot more intelligent and human-like. Aili is very good with identifying emotions and in responding to match that emotion.