Hanna Kahanpää has started as new Ai4Value CEO

Hanna Kahanpää has started as new Ai4Value CEO after acquiring share majority from Katriina Valli. After this, change Ai4Value team will continue its work within AI and help its clients and partners benefit from AI in their business. The company slogan “AI with passion for businesses with deadlines” applies perhaps more than ever.

Hanna Kahanpää has over 20 years of experience in the IT and telecom industry. She has worked in Finland, Germany, Switzerland and USA in different positions related to various technical and commercial topics and also as entrepreneur. She has a Master’s degree both in economics and in engineering. Her core competence is related to IT project management, quality assurance and management, product management, business analysis and international business. She is also business angel since 2014 with investments in several Finnish startups and has already worked as Ai4Value CEO during 2020-2021.

Hanna Kahanpää comments about her new position: “I’m very exited to start working as company CEO. After acquiring share majority from Katriina Valli I have also become an AI entrepreneur, which is very invigorating. Planning and implementation of next steps is already going on with the Ai4value team; entire team is confident that we together as a team can advance the company towards profitable growth. I’m also very eager to work together with Ai4Value partners and clients to develop AI-based solutions and services which they can exploit in their businesses.”

Ai4Value was founded in July 2018 by Katriina Valli and Pasi Karhu. Company business idea was to utilize the expertise of Valli and Karhu and to commercialize the AI algorithms Karhu had developed for more than two decades and to build a scalable business around this core. Kahanpää thanks Valli for her work: “Big thanks to company founder Katriina Valli for her work for the company during the last five years. Entire Ai4Value team wishes Katriina all the best in her future endeavours.”

Ai4Value offers its customers AI solutions that can be used to benefit from automated AI-based data processing. Ai4Value also offers trainings about AI/ML for businesses and individuals. The basis of Ai4Value’s AI tools is the company’s own use case-based algorithms. The main focus in Ai4Value’s tools is on NLP/NLU and machine learning, including deep learning algorithms. Ai4Value has been using large language models, such as GPT since 2020, and is well-versed in GPT-3.5/4. Ai4Value’s NLP/NLU algorithms are language-independent and well-trained with the Finnish language.”