Master data cleaning

Don’t let dirty data hold you back. Our data cleaning services save you time, money, and frustration by ensuring your AI projects are always built on a strong foundation.

Data cleaning can be a goal on its own, or it can be a prerequisite for further analysis of data. Most AI projects require data cleaning as the first step in order to get reliable results. If a data model does not exist, AI can help in generating a reliable model based on the data itself.

  • Master Data management is done according to client assignment. Examples of actions / methods are ​
  • Combining of data from multiple sources, e.g. several company internal data sources or external data sources​
  • Grouping based on classification
  • Finding of duplicates ​
  • Data clustering​
  • Data harmonization and unification e.g.​ units of measure Inch / cm​, code unification or language harmonization
  • Correcting spelling errors
  • Imputing missing values